FEA alumni have played a very important role in nation buildiing. Many of them have achieved great success in various fields. They have featured very prominently in the civil service, finance, education, politics, trade and industry as well as services sector. Many FEA alumni have been directly involved in the formulation of major public policies, including the New Economic Policy, the National Development Policy and the National Vision Policy, the various development plans, the annual budgets, the National Economic Consultative Council and the National Economic Action Council.

Currently, three of the senior Cabinet Ministers (the Minister of International Trade and Industry, the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industries and the Second Finance Minister) are FEA alumni. FEA alumni are occupying top posts in the civil service, including the Chief Secretary to the Government, the Secretary General of the Treasury, the Auditor General, the Accountant General, the Governor of Bank Negara, the Director General of the Economic Planning Unit, and key Ministries and Departments, as listed in the book.
In the private sector, FEA alumni have led conglomerates involved in various businesses, thus creating job opportunities and contributing towards economic growth of the country. Many FEA alumni are involved in small and medium industries. FEA has also produced many outstanding professionals such as economists, bankers, lecturers, teachers, accountants and financial analysts.

A great number of FEA alumni have gone on to do their postgraduate studies at the world’s top universities. Many of them have contributed significantly to the development of higher education in Malaysia.

Being part of a Research University, the FEA has refocused its strategies to provide post-graduate training and move towards internationalization. The increasing enrolment in our post-graduate programs, including foreign students augurs well for the faculty to achieve greater success in producing economists and administrators to meet the need of the country and the industry.

This book is aimed at profiling the achievements of FEA alumni, as a reflection of the role of the faculty in producing outstanding civil servants, entrepreneurs and professionals. This book also includes alumni who graduated with the Bachelor of Arts (Economics) degree, prior to 1966. Information on the prominent alumni was accessed through the Internet, from company reports and the websites. Profiling the achievements and of the numerous distinguished alumni is no easy feat. Owing to the lack of information, this book provides a partial listing of the prominent alumni who are not involved in the corporate sector, and whose information and photo are available in the public domain. However, some of the information accessed from the Internet may be outdated.

The publication of this book represents a first step towards profiling the achievements and successes of our Alumni. We will update the profiles of our prominent alumni on the web, and we hope to include outstanding professionals and successful entrepreneurs who are involved in the small and medium industries. It will, however, be a onerous and challenging task to collect information on all the distinguished alumni who excel in their respective field. We would therefore like to seek your help in identifying prominent alumni to make the profiling as complete as possible.